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Dynamic James DJ Entertainment uses professional quality QSC and Mackie sound systems.  Our sound systems are designed to fill the dance floor with awesome sound while allowing those guests who are not dancing to carry on a conversation.

A wedding reception is a time for family and friends to visit with each other.  Dynamic James respects this by keeping the music volume at a moderate level to allow for conversation among your guests.  Dynamic James DJ Entertainment also provides full light shows to help create that special dance atmosphere.

In the unlikely event of equipment failure or malfunction, we bring back-up equipment (speakers, computer, CD players, etc¡­) to every show.  Regardless of the situation, the show will go on!

If you have any specific questions regarding our sound systems or light shows, please call our toll free number and we will gladly discuss it in more detail.  We frequently update our equipment to make sure we have the latest and greatestJ.  Please scroll down to see recent photos of our sound systems and light shows.  

Jim at Treetops Resort, Gaylord

Treetops Resort

Renee at Park Place Dome

Park Place Dome

Jim at Frog Pond Village

Renee at Frog Pond Village

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