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Explanation of Formal Announcements and DJ Services:

(All of these activities are optional.)

(Please complete DJ Questionnaire sheet to inform DJ of which announcements or events you want to occur.)

Grand Entrance¡ªDJ will meet (outside) with bride/groom and wedding party upon their arrival at the reception hall to organize the ¡®Grand Entrance¡¯ announcement. In most cases, wedding party will be announced in reverse order starting with the ushers and/or flower girl and ring bearer. The wedding party will enter the reception room as their names are announced; the bride and groom are announced and enter the room last. This is a great way to let your guests know that the bride/groom/wedding party has arrived and also, who is in the wedding party. (Another option is to announce the bride and groom only.)

Dinner Announcement¡ªDJ will make dinner announcements to have your guests be seated for dinner. If needed, DJ will also release tables (for buffet style dinner). Having the caterers or DJ release tables eliminates a long line of people waiting at the buffet. The head table is released for dinner first, followed by any reserved tables. The remaining tables are released in random order (we usually release tables with small children and/or elderly people first).

Best Man/Matron of Honor Toast¡ªDJ will make sure champagne (or other beverage) is poured and ready at head table. DJ will also make sure caterers are ready to begin dinner (once the toast is completed, dinner begins). DJ will formally introduce the Best Man and/or Matron of Honor and direct everyone¡¯s attention to the head table (a professional wireless microphone is used for all announcements so they may be made from anywhere in the reception hall). DJ will also announce and introduce anyone else who may have a special toast or announcement that they would like to make.

Dinner Blessing/Prayer¡ªprior to dinner, DJ will meet briefly with person who is saying the dinner blessing (we normally have the dinner blessing immediately after the toast). DJ will formally introduce the person saying the dinner blessing while making sure all guests are quiet and attentive.

Cutting of the Cake¡ªwhen everyone is done with dinner, DJ will announce the traditional ¡®Cutting of the Cake¡¯. Many of your guests will like to share in this ¡®sweet¡¯ occasion by watching and taking pictures. This is another important reception event that your guests need to be aware of. (Be sure to have a few wet washcloths or napkins nearby to help wipe the frosting from your noseJ !)

Bridal Dance¡ªthis is the bride and groom¡¯s first dance together as husband and wife. This is the most important announcement of the evening and deserves to be heard by all of your guests. Prior to this announcement, DJ will make sure all members of the wedding party are in the reception room (we normally have them gather near the head table or dance floor area). Once everyone is present and accounted for we begin the evening¡¯s formal dances with the ¡®Bridal Dance¡¯. After this dance, the bride and groom remain on the dance floor as the ¡®Wedding Party Dance¡¯ begins.

Wedding Party Dance¡ªthis dance is for the entire wedding party and the parents of the bride and groom (optional). DJ will announce each member/couple of the wedding party as they enter the dance floor area. Having the ushers join you on the dance floor is optional (if they will be dancing, be sure they have someone to dance with and note this on DJ questionnaire sheet).

Father/Daughter Dance¡ªthis is a special traditional dance for the bride and her father. This dance immediately follows the ¡®Wedding Party Dance¡¯. DJ will provide a list of appropriate song choices if needed. (This dance may also be combined with the ¡®Mother/Son¡¯ dance if desired.)

Mother/Son Dance¡ªthis is a special dance for the groom and his mother. It immediately follows the ¡®Father/Daughter¡¯ dance or may be combined with the ¡®Father/Daughter¡¯ dance (DJ will provide a list of appropriate song choices if needed).

Longest Married Couples Dance¡ªthis is a special dance for all the married couples who are attending your wedding reception. The goal is to find out which couple has been married the longest. DJ will begin by inviting all married couples to join the bride and groom out on the dance floor. While an appropriate slow song is being played, DJ will begin asking couples who have been married one day or less to leave the dance floorJ . Next is one year, 5 years, 10 years and so on until there is only one couple left on the dance floor. The bride and groom usually go back out on the dance floor to greet them and DJ will announce who the longest married couple is and how long they have been married. As an alternative to the traditional ¡®Bouquet¡¯ toss, bride may present her bouquet to the longest married couple (Please notify DJ if you want to do this).

Garter/Bouquet Toss¡ªthis optional event is a crowd pleaser that is best done later in the evening (I suggest after 9: oo pm). DJ will announce to have all single ladies come out to the dance floor for their chance to catch the beautiful bouquet. Appropriate background music and drum-roll is provided. Next DJ will invite all the single guys to enter the dance floor area. A chair is provided for the bride and the groom will remove the garter and toss it (again, appropriate background music and drum-roll is provided). Other options or variations include having a ¡®Teddy Bear Toss¡¯ or second ¡®Bouquet Toss¡¯ for girls age 12 and under. (Please notify DJ if you want to do this).

Dollar Dance¡ªthis is another traditional (optional) reception activity. DJ will announce the ¡®Dollar Dance¡¯ as an opportunity to chat with the bride and groom while raising a little honeymoon money in the process. Other options or variations include providing after-dinner shots of Schnapps¡¯ to dollar dancers who are 21 years of age or older (candy or chocolates may also be offered to non-drinkers and/or minors).

This explains most of the formal events and announcements provided by Dynamic James DJ Entertainment. Please complete DJ Questionnaire sheet to inform DJ of which announcements/events you want to occur. If you need help with song choices or have other variations or activities in mind, please share them with the DJ. We enjoy customizing and personalizing your wedding receptionJ !

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